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Установка ксеноновых линз от Infinity FX на Highlander 2006

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Here's a retro that I did for a 2006 Toyota Highlander using Infiniti FX 35 xenon projectors. For the shroud/bezel that covered the projectors, I used ABS plastic and formed it into the shape that I wanted. When the shrouds/bezels were done I used black Metallic paint to paint the shrouds. Anyway here are the pictures of the headlights with the projectors on.
Toyota Highlander Club - Установка ксеноновых линз от Infinity FX на Highlander 2006

Установка линзованной оптики и ксенона на Scion tC (eng)

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Вот еще интересный опыт по установке ксенона от американских друзей, скопировано с ScionLife

my plan is to paint the black part of the headlight silver, it won't match the silver on the car, but it'll be different from other tc. also thinking of wiring a row of leds in the eyebrow area but not sure if i'm going to tie them to parking or turn signals yet. if i wire them to the turn signals then i'll have to do something about the stock signal light as it'll look funny both blinking. also going to wire a of CCFL halo ring on each side as angel/demon eyes, those will be wired to parking.

Установка ксенона (eng)

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