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Установка кнопок управления аудиосистемой на руль (eng)

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На примере Toyota Prado
по материалам pradopoint. Com и kdjoteros. Com

This DIY is published by my Toyota forum in Spain KDJOTEROS.COM and was made for people who put a lot of work and time for free, I wanna thank to TRAV and ALBERTLC their work for make this posible.
You must know that these are just a "how we do it" instructions and we have no responsabilities in whatever breakdown or injuries can occur.

So, in order to install remote audio controls in the steering wheel you need the following references:

84258-58010-C0 right Black (useless, no buttons just blind plastic)
84258-58010-E0 right Beige

Models without control cruiser:
84247-58010-C0 left Black (with buttons for volume, choose stations...)
84247-58010-E0 left Beige

Grande, GXL and others with control cruiser installed:

84247-58020-C0 left black
84247-58020-E0 left Beige

If you wish a new steering wheel and take no risk cutting it for fitting the buttons:

45130-35341-C0 black wheel (too expensive)
45130-35341-E0 Beige wheel


Toyota Highlander Club - Установка кнопок управления аудиосистемой на руль (eng)

The first step must be disconnect the battery (or batteries) because to install the remote we need to dismount the Airbag.


We must take off the key from the contact BEFORE disconnect battery, if we don't do so the ECU will show an airbag system error after installation.
So, disconnect the negative pole (-) from batteries and wait at least 5 minutes for fully discharge any residual charges.
After this time we take off plastics covering the steering wheel, there are three screws, one under the column and we must turn the wheel to see the others.
Is better to take off this screws before disconnect the batteries because it is easy turn the wheel with the power steering helping us.
Now both plastic pieces comes out easy, just pulling of them.
Next step is to take off two little caps at both sides of the wheel, just levering with something narrow like a screwdriver.
In the hole uncovered we can see two screws (one on each side), TORX type (torque 8.8 Nm - 90 Kgf x cm). If you haven't a torque tool try to tight them just like you found them (no so hard, no so loose). We can loose them without fear they will never drop.
Now with a lot of care can take out the wheel cap with the Airbag. CARE, NO BLOW, NO KNOCK, the cap is tied to the wheel with two odd cables.
DO NOT PULL CABLES. With one hand take the Airbag and with the other do the next:

Unplug the horn cable (just with the hand).
Now with a flat screwdriver you must lift the flap/tab of each cable and pull each cable. Take care and note that Airbag connectors are color coded so TAKE CARE AND WHEN MOUNT INSERT EACH ONE IN HIS PLACE.
The Airbag must be placed horizontal, out of the work place and without knock it, must be placed with the airbag connectors over the table and with the Toyota logo upwards.
Toyota Highlander Club - Установка кнопок управления аудиосистемой на руль (eng)

We must take out the, next picture, connector on the right

And the white one (control cruise)

Here we have the new connector with the buttons piece, horn connector and control cruise connector, along with the old connector without the remote buttons.

The new connector plugged

The place for the buttons on the wheel

This is the steering wheel showing the Airbag.

And you already know this

This is the most difficult part of this DIY. You must cut the wheel, with a cutter, is rubber and it is easy to cut. Is better if you use a good cutter the bad ones bends and is harder to cut well. The first is take measures, mark with a permanent marker or a pencil and then cut slowly so slowly taking off slices of rubber, best when finest the slice is. We cut at first a block SMALL THAN THE MARK, and after this very very slow.

Here you have the final result. You can see a little fault on top, but is hard to see when the wheel is in it's place, the camera and flash shows the fault enhanced

Now we can install everything again, just in the reverse order. We have only one step to do to finish the install.
Now we must install three wires from the back of the radio to a connector under the wheel.

That connector is just under the wheel just over the yellow connector (Airbag I think)

The three wires must be connected on the three empty places just on top of the existing wires, up an right. They are the 10, 11 and 12 pins.
Pin 10 is white on the radio
Pin 11 is pink on the radio
Pin 12 is green on the radio

On the radio:

The three cables must be connected to the existing ones. There are marked 4 (green), 5 (white) and my buddy forgot to mark the 3 (pink), being 2 (black) and 1 (white);

So we must connect with one cable the:
under wheel pin 10 with the radio pin 5 (white)
under wheel pin 11 with the radio pin 3 (pink)
under wheel pin 12 with the radio pin 4 (green)

And thats everything. Remember to connect the battery and program the windows and moonroof.
Here we are a lot of people who already did this DIY and we are glad with it. If you need additional support for hmmm dismount the radio.... just let me know, I have pictures of that.


You do this under your responsability, the forums (PradoPoint.com and Kdjoteros.com) and the individual users who make this post are just letting you know that this is feasible and how to do it, but none of them is liable for any breakdown to you or your car


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Вау! Вполне прилично заколхозено!!
как обладатель штатных кнопок на руле, могу сказать, что к этой фиче привыкаешь очень быстро. и это реально удобно. что касается операций с музыкой - на тачскрин практически не жму. разве только папку сменить. все с руля. громкость, mute, перемотка..


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Живёте в машинах, чоли? Laughing out loud


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все с руля. Громкость, mute, перемотка..

а как mute с руля сделать?


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Сорри. Это специфика моей установки. Есть настроечная софтина. Любую кнопку можно настроить. Я mode настроил на mute. Это оказалось более рациональным. Режимы - через тач меняю. Я редко на радио включаю.
сдается мне, что в системках где винЦЕ и настройки есть - тоже можно репу почесать как настроить кнопочки по-другому. если необходимо.


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Я всё проверил снимал мафон и аирбаг там всё в порядке тыже писал что можно как то програмировать кнопки у меня не работает звук и перемотка я купил уже такую машину