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Well, the LS430s arrived today! I was expecting them to
show up mid next week but I guess my fortune cookie was right from the
other nigth. It said "good luck is coming your way"

I'm working my ass off on trying to get these done by late tomorrow night
probably. I don't see any issue holding me back yet but I know the LS430 is
going to be a tight fit with the shroud in there. Not sure just much I'm
going to have to trim but there will inevitably be trimming involved.

I'm going to be doing a write-up kinda of the process involved for the
Toyota people on tundrasolutions and also toyotanation. I will not be
offering retrofit services based off the fact you have to
remove the grill and bumper to remove the headlights. Brings me back to my
Honda retro days ](*,)

On to the pics:

LS430s are here!

First thing is first I wanted to mark a "basepoint" of my stock
beams. I'm doing this so that it gives me reference when it comes time to
aim my projectors in roughly the same areas of my stock halogen beams.

I taped where my tires were on the floor incase I needed to move my Highlander anytime during
the retrofit process and didn't want to skew up where my aiming was
originally marked from.

I also taped my wall to highlight the central location of my stock halogen
beam pattern. Disregard the wierd look of the beams. Both were the same
intensity its just that my cameras flash washed out the driver side....

Now its time to actually begin work on the SUV. First thing is first, the
grill has to be removed. There are 4 top tabs that must be removed first.
They are circled in red....

You remove them by simply getting a pick tool (or flathead screwdriver) and
forcing the tab to loosen from its locked base

Then simply pull the tab out. Be careful not seperate the tab form its base
as you could easily misplace the pin tab....

Next is the most hardest part of removing the grill. The passenger side is
easy because you have plenty of access but the drivers side is a bit more
of a pain because the radiator is somewhat in the way to get leverage to
pry on the tab. These tabs on located behind the grill about 4-5 inches
down from the top and next to the inner sides of the headlights. You have
to pry both sides of the tab to loosen it.

Here is a picture of the tab on the back of the grill...

Here is the location the tabs secures into. It's located on the inner sides
of each headlight as pictured...

Finally onto the last tabs that hold the grill in, the bottom tabs. These
tabs are actually made onto the grill. You simply reach insdie the grill
openings, find a secure spot, and pull. It's going to be tight, but trust
me, it will come loose. Just be careful and patient.

This is a picture of the bottom tabs...

Close-up of the bottom tab...

The way these tabs work is that there is a groove or slot in the upper
middle portion of the bumper. This slot or groove is very firm and is what
the bottom tabs on the grill lock into. The slot or groove is highlighted
in red...

Finally! Onto removing the bumper. The repair manual says you should remove
the inner fender wheel splash guards to remove the front bumper. You DO NOT
have to do this. Simply turn the steering wheel until its fully locked in a
left or right turn. Then look up into the fender wheel. You will see 2 tabs
similar to the tabs you saw that hold the top of the grill. Remove those
tabs. This will let loose some of the tension on the fender splash guard.
Next just get your fingers in between the fender splash guard and the side
of the front bumper. Pry the splash guard out and away from the bumper. Do
this until you have enough room to see the 10mm bolt on the corner of the
bumper up top. Remove this bolt. Repeat for the other side. Once you've
done both sides, now its time to do the bottom. There are 6 10mm bolts
holding the bumper onto the lower black splash guard on the underside of
the SUV. Remove those. Now the bumper should come off quite easily. Should
look like so and you'll find out your Highlander has teeth

I've removed the headlights now. One is about to go in the ovenwhile I work
on the other via heat gun. More progress pics to come as this unfolds over
the course of the weekend :-)

Here is some more progress so for.

I've opened the headlights. Started making my hole for the projectorto sit back
into. I still have a good bit more to trim to allow it to sit further back
and I'lm also going to have to trim the inner side of the stock reflector
to allow more room. Lots and lots of trimming but I think its going to work
out in the end. Please excuse the nasty reflector dust in the turn signal
area. I'm going to take that piece out soon before trimming anymore on the

Small hole for now but it will be around 2.25" in diameter once I'm
done for the added room...

LS430 loosely sitting inside the reflecotr. It will sit further back than
this when I'm done but this is just for testing purpouses. I want to open
the hole little by little until its just right. Not too much and not too
little. So alot of back and forth test fitting is going on to make sure its
right the first time as I don't want to have to redo these suckers

And here is the LS430 shroud. I'm probably going to have to trim a good bit
off of these to make them sit back in there far enough. Probably will have
to trim right up to the edge where it starts to go back. Basically will be
a dish-shape when I'm done instead of a bowl-shape...

Looks good so far! Wish me luck....I'm heading out to the garage for more

Woohoo I trimmed it just enough and man it barely freaking clears, but its there!!!

More progress with the sitting in there....

Rear will have plenty of room and I'll do a 3" pvc cap to seal it off.

Here is some pics of the passenger side about done!
I had to trim the living hell out of the LS430 bezel back and forth because
it kept hitting the reflector but you can't tell too much.
What do you guys think?

Getting there. Took my housing all apart (it sperates
into 3 pieces bottom trim, turn signal, and rear cavity) and thoroughly
cleaned it from all the dust and junk.....

Here is some test beam shots. I've noticed that the
LS430 beam pattern sort of slopes to each side and then straightens out
again on the far right side where the reflector picks the beam back up.
Crazy how that little reflector does soo much for width heh. These pics
don't do these things justice!

Got the polycarb lens on. It was CLOSE but it clears by
maybe 1/16" LOL. I checked for aiming and it doesn't hit .

Now for some shots of the lights on! No camera flash. Low beams on.....

Camera flash on. Just lows...

Stock 65w halogen high beams on with lows. No camera flash....

Night shot time!!
Damn these things are insane wide and intense!!
These are also very old mismatched colorshifted Philips 4300k bulbs. I will
be running brand new 85122+ so expect output to be even better!

Check this out!!!

After 36+ hours, she's done...


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Интересно, но датчиков крена все равно нет. :-(


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Во блин кружок "Умелые ручки" А я тупо лампочки поставил и блолкирозжига воткнул а тут творчество серьёзное, ну и конечно фары в духовку засунуть чтобы стекло снять, мда без коментариев.


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Тоже так хочу :-(


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"I used ABS plastic and formed it into the shape that I wanted"
Вот этого я не понял, как он из пластика сделал крышки, закрывающие линзу Puzzled


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АБС-пластик — ударопрочная техническая термопластическая смола на основе сополимера акрилонитрила с бутадиеном и стиролом (название пластика образовано из начальных букв наименований мономеров).


"I used ABS plastic and formed it into the shape that I wanted"
Вот этого я не понял, как он из пластика сделал крышки, закрывающие линзу :-?